Brandon Jones

The Boostman

I’m an advocate, educator and a believer in plants over pills!

I was brought to the cannabis industry after a near fatal car accident.  I had 150 stitches in one side of my face and was placed on a morphine drip and then prescribed numerous pain killers.   I was introduced to Cannabis by a friend and it instantly made a significant change to my quality of life.  I have a strong mathematical and science background and searched for  an area in the industry that I could believe in.  I wanted to sell a product that helped the industry and did not have a long term effect on the planet.  That is why I ultimately decided to put all my efforts into introducing the industry to Integra Boost Products!!!

Look forward to working with forward thinking people in the cannabis and wellness world

    2:00 - 3:00

    Day 1 Raphael Room (Sat)

    Biggest Challenges for the Cannabis Industry in 2022

    Despite rapid growth, the pandemic created major upheaval in the cannabis industry in 2021, and the industry faces major challenges in 2022.